Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wasted Journey

A sweet little couple visited the shop from Totton today. That's about 45 minutes drive away (For me - probably took them a couple of hours !) They came in and announced that having seen the shop on TV - it had taken them a while to find as they couldn't remember the name of the shop or the street. While the lady of indeterminate years sat a wheezed for a while - her husband eventually came to the point. He had that particular slow and nasal voice, that has convinced me he is probably called Malcolm or Dereck.

"We thought you looked as if you liked books on the television - so we thought you might like to buy some gardening books from us"

"What sort of gardening books?" (Said I, full of energy, enthusiasm and vigour).

"I don't know really.... different sizes and colours..."

"erm... Well how many, and do you know the titles"

"Oh four of five books. One mentions begonias in the title...."

"Ok, well you've driven over from Totton - are they still in the car ?"

"No... we thought we would drive over and see if you were interested - if you want to see them, we can come back with them another day..."

"Well, possibly, I hate to cause people special journeys... Do you often come to Salisbury ?"

"Oh no.... We've only come to see you ...We'll go home again once we've got our breath back..."