Saturday, March 22, 2008

Changing Rooms

It is snowing outside (Yippee - cold snowy weather - must be a UK summer on the way).

Chap has just walked in, undone his rucsac, spent 5 minutes emptying it, spreading all of his belongings around the floor, and making little piles of stuff. He then put on his waterproof trousers and coat, spent another 5 mins repacking it all neatly, and walked out again.

Not a word of hello, good bye, or may i use your shop as a temporary changing room / repacking facility.


Remind me again about how much I love my customers.
(and while we are at it, define a customer).


Chap walks in with the customary and highly cheerful "Good Morning, how are you today" that you just KNOW means he is going to try to sell you something.

He comes up to the counter, and pulls out a month old and tatty copy of "Antiques Explorer" magazine. A free mag, that we distribute from the shop. "Would you be interested in buying this ?" he asks.

"But we give it out free to the public"

"Yes but this is a back issue - surely there are some collectors"

after pointing out that a month old is not quite into the antiquarian and collectible scale of things, i dig out another 10 copies that we failed to hand out for free, and ask him if he would like to take these to add to his collection - that way he can make a real killing if he finds anyone stupid enough to buy them!

Sadly he doesn't want my copies. I guess i will have to recycle them as usual!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Even Newer Levels of Cheek

Elderly woman walks into the shop, and asks if we have a copy of Kahlil Gibran "The Prophet".

A reasonable request, and we provide one instantly (From our little stash of Prophets beneath the desk) priced at a very respectable £3. (Oh yes, bargain prices).

She is very excited and tells me that she wants to send one of the poems to her grandson.

She then sits down, pulls out a pad of paper, and copies the poem out.

Saying to me "I do hope you don't mind me copying it rather than buying it."

I tell her that I am beyond the point of caring, and just proceed to bang my head against the keyboard for a while.

Monday, March 03, 2008

New levels of cheek

Man phones the shop, and announces that he is on a mobile and has no credit, can I call him back.

When I do, he tells me how he has found a book, and wants to know what it is worth. Doesn't even want to sell it. Just wants a free valuation over the phone.

I think I may have to join the Inquisition of the Cathars - "Kill them all, God will know his own"