Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ranty Rant Rant

No humour today sadly.

I have been keeping a tally of the number of people trying to sell books over the last few days. Since last Thursday morning (That's six days including a sunday!) I have been offered 63 lots of books.

In this same period, while averaging 12.6 offers per working day, I have averaged 5 sales per day. So at least twice as many people are trying to get money from me as purchase books.

Some people would be grateful for the opportunity to acquire more stock. Not me ! I would if it they had the slightest potential to be stock. Of all of these books, I have purchased one. (Yes one). The rest was comprised of the sort of junk that a charity shop would turn away. Mouldy hardback reprints of bookclub books. Tatty novels with wrappers half ripped off, plastic bags stuffed with dirty creased paperbacks.

Having tried hard to create a shop that is clean and tidy, with high quality stock (lots of it leather bound and antiquarian) in neat wrappers where appropriate, protected in removeable film..... you get the picture.... these books just feel insulting to me.

I would like to be generous, and think that people don't know the difference between a valuable book and a paperback, but that doesn't even seem to be true. When I decline their stock, they often comment that they are on the way to the charity shop with it, and just thought they would try and get a few pounds first. So they know that they are pretty worthless. Or there are the ones who either have no idea of economics, or are just greedy. When I point out that I don't buy paperbacks as I sell them for a pound or two, so it isn't economic, they reply that that is fine, two pounds a paperback will be adequate. Even when I point out that this would mean I was giving them more than I would actually sell the book for, they don't seem to get it!

I think the thing that annoys me more than anything, is that NONE of these books come from me in the first place. People buy these tatty relics at car boots and charity shops, then expect to make a profit by passing them on to me. Greedy greedy greedy...... Did I mention how much I dislike greed ?

Ok enough rant - thought for once I would just vent my feelings a little, and live up to the blogs name!

Sob sob sob