Friday, June 29, 2007

Jewellery stuff

Woman walked in this afternoon.

"Have you got any rings"

"Rings madam?" says I (Come on then - what would you say?)

"Yes, rings - the charity shops are closed - I need some rings and don't know where to go - I'm new to Salisbury."

"This is a bookshop Madam."

"But I want to buy a ring."

"How about a jewellers madam."

"Do you think so ? - I'll try that then"

And she walked out.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ever hopeful

Chap calls me out to his house. He had sold me a couple of boxes of books a while ago, for which I paid £100. It should have been about £70 but he gave me a sob story about decorating the house before his wife got out of hospital.

So I went in again, these are now the tail end of his collection, and not particularly special. I offered him £50 (and that was probably generous).

"Oh dear" he said "I thought you always paid £100 for books, and I need a hundred to pay for some more decorating, so can you make it £100 please".

I resisted the temptation!

Psychic Booksellers

My friend in Cornwall has quite a few Cricket books. How much are they worth ?