Saturday, March 22, 2008

Changing Rooms

It is snowing outside (Yippee - cold snowy weather - must be a UK summer on the way).

Chap has just walked in, undone his rucsac, spent 5 minutes emptying it, spreading all of his belongings around the floor, and making little piles of stuff. He then put on his waterproof trousers and coat, spent another 5 mins repacking it all neatly, and walked out again.

Not a word of hello, good bye, or may i use your shop as a temporary changing room / repacking facility.


Remind me again about how much I love my customers.
(and while we are at it, define a customer).


silver_flight said...

Cambridge Online: a person who buys goods or a service

Print it out on an A3 poster and display it in your shop window, with the word 'buys' substantially exaggerated. Then be rude to everyone who isn't :-)

barb michelen said...

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Solent Squirrel said...

I logged in hoping to find out how your owner's first auction went at the Guildhall. Rumours are it was a damn fine day with high quality stock.