Monday, April 07, 2008

Fishy Fiction

Elederly chap comes in.

Looking for a book. Can't remember the title or the author.

But the authors man is a fish - comes in tins - quite tasty.

All of the customers (yes I had several) joined in to try to help. He was offered Sardines, but apparently it begins with a 'C' and is the cheapest fish you get in a tin.

Suggested Cod, Colley, Carp, Californian Sardine, Kippers (yes I know) and various others, but no joy. He went off promising to return with the name.

He hasn't.

I am frustrated now. Suggestions please.


Moonroot said...

Crosse & Blackwell????

Poor Pothecary said...

Maybe, knowing how the memory works, it doesn't begin with a C. Could it be Rosamunde Pilchard or her son Robin Pilchard?

P.S. Nice to see another secondhand bookshop blog (I'm from JSBlog ). I decided not to write about the customer side of things - but it's all painfully familiar...

Jackie Morris said...