Tuesday, March 17, 2009

George Bernard Bu******

Chap walks in. "I'm looking for a copy of George Bernard Shaw's "The Apple Cart - I don't suppose you've heard of it."

"Yes sir, I believe we have a copy in our plays section."

"Really, how marvellous - its out of print, and I've hunted high and low for it. How much is it"

"It's a first edition sir, from 1920, in a decent dust wrapper - it's £6"

"Oh no - I don't want to pay anything near that - do you have anything for a pound ?"


Griffin said...

Cor! Struth! £6 for a first edition George Bernard Shaw??!!! Surely it's worth more than that?

My mum had a tatty old Penguin copy lying around somewhere, but nothing like that!

Mitchell you are far too nice to the undeserving.

Mitchell Mutt said...

sadly, GBS is very out of favour these days.

madameshawshank said...

obviously not six pound marvellous :-(....what a find, this blog, what a find...

certain people and money...aghhhhhhhhhhhhh