Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bloody Hell

WHat have I done ?

Having closed the shop, I was asked to do an interview with the local paper about the demise of local businesses. I duly did this, and mentioned that in my case it wasn't the recession, but that Oxfam had a major impact.

Next thing I know, it is the headline in the local paper, and then is suddenly all over everywhere. OOPS.

Ah well - as my loyal readers, I should at least pass on the links (damn, there goes my last shred of anonymity).

Guardian piece

Guardian piece two
(lots of comments on this one)

Salisbury Journal

Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail

Third Sector Magazine

isn't that all jolly excitiing !!

catch you in a bit


Griffin said...

I read that article in the Grauniad and instantly thought of you. Our local small bookshop is slowly dying too and in the same street are at least two charity shops. If I wasn't so skint, I'd buy more books from the little bookshop - anything to give 'em a hand.

Solent Ramblings said...

I trust Mitch is enjoying his new placement. No doubt he is a wiser, probably sadder, dog after all your encounters with "We believe in Fair Trade, but only abroad" Oxfam.

Solent Ramblings said...

I forgot to say: I hope you will keep us all informed of your latest doings and adventures.

STAG said...

I think the gentle "rants" on this blog have kept me sane this last year or two.