Saturday, March 07, 2015

By golly - he is back!


My continued pedantry regarding proper use of English means that I must excommunicate myself for beginning a post with "So". However, in honour of my return to the blog I shall, just this once, forgive myself.

Yesterday was World Book Day, and this set me thinking wistfully about the days of the shop, and Mitchell Mutt ranting away. Mitchell has now retired from the world of books, and is happy just reading the occasional copy of Doggy Times. Meanwhile he has left it to me, and his younger cousin Hansel, to continue his work.

The last few years has been fascinating. (Amazingly, it is six years since the last post). With the closure of the bookshop, I've been working from home, from a warehouse, and at book fairs around the country. My trading name has changed. (Carelessness on my part meant that Ellwood was purchased by a Japanese erotic story blog - go take a look if you can read Japanese!) As a result, Ellwood Books has retired along with Mitchell, and Harrison-Hiett Rare Books was born. This is an amalgam of Harrison, and Hiett, my wife's maiden name. (Yes, amazingly, I have even managed to get married in the last few years). If I can tempt you to have a look at our stock, then please do go take a look at

Hopefully, I shall pop back here now and again to post new entries. I may not have as many weird and wonderful customers popping in to terrify me these days, but the world of bookselling still throws up oddities and amusing anecdotes. Well I think so anyway! Hopefully more humour than rant - and I promise not to mention the O word.

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Moonroot said...

Nice to have you back!