Sunday, February 11, 2007

Too expensive ?

The gentleman in this afternoon was nothing if not optomistic.

First he spent 20 minutes looking through a £120 book on local history (lots of money - but it is charity and council records and accounts from 150 years ago - printed at the time for the official record etc: Not a common piece!!)

Secondly, he came up to the counter and announce "Yes, I think I shall take this one off your hands.... Discount for cash ?"

Much as I detest haggling, I have little choice, so I ask him what he had in mind, and he offers me £10.

When I finish choking to death, I point out that he is looking for a rather large discount. Of course he had thought that the book was £12.

At this point, he doesn't seem at all perplexed. "Never mind", he said, "Can you just photocopy the pages I want then please...."

Sadly, I was forced to decline.


silver_flight said...

Unbelievable. I do sympathise. You have more patience, I think, than I would.

Arcarhia said...

See this is what I was talking about. Post about lovely things what is inspiring and makes you happy.

Is my 'fluff' doing your head in yet?

silver_flight said...

Yes, dammit, the bright light of your compassionate soul is giving me a headache. So start moaning or else!!!


Mitchell Mutt said...

Damn Hippies