Saturday, February 03, 2007

Silly Woman

A very silly woman came into the shop.

I knew that she was very silly when she asked "Do you have all sorts of books or just particular ones" (it took me a while to get it.... Or rather it took me a while to realise that there was nothing to get!)

She then says "Oh they are very expensive aren't they!" I replied that some of them are, and asked which she meant, and she said that the paperback she was holding was £1.50. I said that wasn't much, and she told me that she never pays more than 50p in charity shops for books.

I asked her to tell me which charity shops, as I would go there and buy some at once, which reminded me that unlike them, I had to buy all of my stock, pay my staff, market rent, rates etc: Eating occasionally would be nice too.

She left.

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Arcarhia said...

LMAO...Ah well she's just a simple creature honey. They all want things for free.

Daffy *&^&**&*&^%*(^%