Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Valuations

Friendly voice from a neighbouring town (30 miles away) called.

"afternoon - I'd like you to come and value my books"

"Are they for sale"

"No, I'd just like to know their value"

"well we would have to charge you a fair bit of money to drive out and do that"

"Oh, don't you do it for free ? I'm not willing to pay anything for it. Won't you just come and tell me what they are worth?"



Griffin said...

... er, no. Next question.

PontusPilot said...

You're lucky, i have often travelled miles & spend hours sorting and listing prices,only afterwards to be jovially told they only wanted a valuation,anyway !

This is after a phone call saying they have a huge
amount of books,all subjects and just want them cleared,moving house,will take anything for them.etc.

Sometimes even they ask where can they sell them for a higher price than the amount i am offering !
Also they rather burn them,than sell them for a pittance !
i.e. less than £5.00 per book.

Still,better than the dreaded
" What's the least a book is worth " a never ending conversation ?