Thursday, December 11, 2008

more wasting of time

"Hello, I have been searching for a book for 50 years, it's Ballantyne, the Gorilla Hunters. I had a copy as a boy. When I left for national service, my mother gave it away. I've been looking for it ever since - I doubt you will be able to help me, nobody has been able to."

"Yes sir, we have a 1907 copy here, in excellent condition for £4"

"Oh have you......"

Can anyone fill in what happened next ?


Poor Pothecary said...

... one less expensive?"

Mitchell Mutt said...

Kill em all - let God sort em out.

Poor Pothecary said...

Just had one today: enthusing about a copy of Poachers' Tales, how much they'd been looking for it, how interesting it was, until it came to paying time. Fiddles among moths in wallet: "£3 then?". Me: "No, £8.00" (shows price written inside). "Oh" ... customer looks through book again ... "Oh. I must have misread. On second thoughts, it might be a bit gory for me. Thanks" (leaves).

Coming clean about it being beyond budget: fine. Coming up with lame excuse: insulting.

D. H. Malfoy said...

... any copies with my name inscribed within, for I am only interested in that exact same copy my mother gave away 50 years ago.