Thursday, February 26, 2009


Lady comes into the shop.

"I've just finished decorating my living room, and I have a shelf which needs some good looking leather books. Doesn't matter what they are, no-one is going to read them. Those would do."

"Those are £1,250 madam, it is a first eiditon complete works of Thackeray in tree calf and Baynton binding"

"That's a ridiculous amount, i am happy to pay a pound or two a book".

"Well we have no leather in that range madam. We have this Faux leather classics series at £3 each, would they be suitable".

"Oh I couldn't possibly have fake leather in my home. I'll have to get some ornaments instead"

And she swept out.


Griffin said...

Damn I wish I had £1,250 on me. I love the Yellowplush Papers and Vanity Fair, but I'd love to read some of his other stuff - in the original.

Clearly her own brain needs refurbishment... which may cost rather more than £1,250 methinks.

I do hope you're not doing badly in this recession. A tiny independent bookshop I always try to use here is dying on it's endpapers and it's horrible to watch. I hope you manage to come through it safely.

Mitchell Mutt said...

At the moment we are suffering pretty badly - but as much from the Oxfam Bookshop in the highstreet as the recession.

We are hold a book auction in May - so that should bring some income through (he says hopefully)

Ah well.

Griffin said...

Hope the auction will help Mitch. It's hell living in interesting times... unless you're a greedy banker with your own pension...

Poor Pothecary said...

I'm afraid we had one of these yesterday: wanted a set of big, inexpensive (yet expensive-looking) books to go on shelves in a basement - to act as insulation.