Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haggling in the Recession.

It may just be me, and a sense of jaded despondency setting in, but I am sure people are haggling more with the recession.

Yesterday I had a chap in, who on finding a Modern First Edition by Malcolm Bradbury, signed by the author and in mint condition, queried the price. Firstly, he tried to pay £4, telling my assistant that the £40 written inside must be an error with an extra zero.

My stalwart young chap pointed out, that Bradbury doesn't sign masses, and that £40 is very reasonable, particularly when it is currently £20 in our half price sale. He then left a message, asking me what I would really accept, as he felt that £20 is very over-priced.

Pah !! Needless to say, he will not be getting a phone call from my offering a more than 50% discount.


Griffin said...

If he's that much of a Bradbury fan then £40 is worth the price of admission. I'd be thrilled to find something like that. £40 is not excessive and he's a ninny who doesn't deserve it.

And you can tell him I said so... except that obviously you'd have to get in touch with him to say I said so.

Mitchell Mutt said...

I'm not speaking to him - so he can just go away, 'cos he smells and is silly !

£40 cheap enough - half price sale would give twice the niceness !

The Ginger Darlings said...

A man once asked me, when I was taking down an exhibition of my paintings, if he could have a discount now that the exhibition was over. Hw I laughed. HE seemed quite offended by MY reaction. I wonder, do you think it might have been the same man?