Sunday, April 26, 2009

Latest Score Card

I often keep a tally of the wonderful people who come into the shop. I shouldn't really, as it only depresses me.

This week I set a new record: 18 people trying to sell me books, magazines or free newspapers (yes you read that right). 1 random mad lady who only came in to tell me that she had never read a book and to ask lots of questions about the artwork in the shop. 2 people who are most offended that I would suggest they are wanting free valuations ! They just want a bit of advice and want to know what the book is worth.

The last one took the biscuit. A lady came in to ask me to repair an old bible for her (spine falling off) so would I mind just gluing it back, refixing some detatched pages and neatening the edges. I suggested the local book binders, and when she looked at their prices, she commented that the book wasn't worth their prices, and it would only take me 20 minutes or so - couldn't i just do it for free (she is on a pension you know !) Now I may be mad - but i did it for her !

On the plus side of the account - I had two sales of £6 each. All day. Oh yes - that is why we are a successful bookshop. Sadly - it is also why we will probably have to close in June and leave only one general bookshop in the whole of Wiltshire.

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