Friday, March 30, 2007

Bus shelter mentality

I arrived at work at 9.30am this morning.
(Please to remember that the shop opens at 10am).

Man is stood outside peering through the window.

"Ah, at last....About time"

So I let him in, excited by the prospect of seeing some more books
(people who queue outside a closed second hand bookshop early in the morning are ALWAYS selling rather than buying).
He rushes in, and pulls a stool up to the counter and starts whittering away.

I carried on turning on lights etc: trying to open the shop, when he asks me when I am going to stop doing things and listen to him. So I sat down, and asked how I could help.

"Oh I don't want anything....I'm not going to buy anythng .... I have to leave the hostel at 9 am and have no-one to listen to me, so I thought I would come along and chat to you....."

I inwardly sobbed to myself.


Arcarhia said...

Sob away my love they'll soon start leaving you alone when you train Mitch to eat the non-buying public.

silver_flight said...

I think you're just radiating too much helpfulness. Practise evil stares in the mirror. If you can frighten even yourself, you're getting somewhere.

Solentmouse said...

Why don't you set up a model railway in a corner for boring customers to play with? Tropical fish are good.