Monday, March 26, 2007

Fount of all knowledge

Young man comes into the shop.

"I want to buy a book to learn stuff"

"What sort of Stuff"

You know .... I want a book to teach me things - can you recommend a book that will give me knowledge"

"Knowledge about what exactly ?"

"Oh everything ......I brought my mum a book for Christmas .. It was on Naturamony"

"Naturamony ?"

"You know - Bones and stuff"

"Ah, anatomy ..... Is she a nurse ?"

"No she works in a cafe... But i liked the pictures of bones and stuff.....

"Has she read it ?"

"She's looked at it... Don't think she's read it. ....... David Ike is good isn't he - he talks a lot of sense - who would have thought the royal family are all aliens"

"Well there are some who would question whether everything David Ike says is true"

"No its true, I saw it in a book - he says you have to wear blue to be safe from the aliens. Thats the sort of knowledge I want to learn"

"Ah sir, you will be needing our paranoid consipracy theory bollocks section then"


Pete said...

Hehe... its hard to belive some of this stuff is true! People are odd creatures! You should submit this stuff to the BBC... get your own sitcom!

Arcarhia said...

LOL. David Icke. We have had such wonderful debates about him.

Anywho. Just as a matter of interest do you have a sign out the front of the shop that only psychos can see that says enter here?!?

Pete said...

I think they're just intuitively pulled there... maybe they sense a kindred spirit in Marc. Hehe...

It is is very odd that he gets so many. Maybe its just Salisbury in general, 'tis an odd town!

Mitchell Mutt said...

No - every second hand bookshop gets all these psycho weirdo freaks!

Pete they already did a show about it - it's called Black Books !

Pete said...

Ahh... remember you telling me about that now!

silver_flight said...

What's so attractive to weirdos about second hand bookshops?

Mitchell Mutt said...

they think that we will listen to their inane foetid rantings and psychotic dribblings. Not that i am bitter!

silver_flight said...

Tehehe. Now that's a typical Bernard comment if ever I heard one!