Thursday, March 01, 2007

Too much information ?

Guy comes in - also the worst for drink (Must be a day for it), and asks if I buy books.
"Sometimes", say I "What sort of books are they"

"Oh I don't know, all sorts" He replied "How much will you pay me for them"

"I would have to see them, it varys from a pound or so, up to a few thousand, usually the former"

"But you must be able to give me some idea - can't you guess?"



Arcarhia said...

Oh Marc now this is another case of your giving off a psychic vibe. Don't do it, it confuses the poor little tykes.

silver_flight said...

Accidental psychic vibes can usually be remedied with the appropriate use of a knee, sarcastic comments or scathing glances.

My sister tells me that when she worked as a holiday rep people used to ask questions like, "What's the weather going to be like tomorrow?" Ooh, wait a sec, let me get my crystal ball and check the horary chart...