Wednesday, September 05, 2007

blaggity damn soddity

Most irritating man came in.

He emptied a plastic carrier bag onto the desk - just tipped it out. In there were a few book club books with torn wrappers, a readers digest, a couple of paperbacks and a couple of very shagged ex-library books with the price 50p pencilled in them. The whole lot was dirty, dishevelled and useless (I little like him - boom boom).

"How much are you going to give me for these" (Not a great way to open negotiations anyway)

I explained that I didn't buy paperbacks, book club, readers digest or shagged library books, and that we are an Antiquarian bookshop.

"Well where can I sell them - its hard work getting money for books these days, the other bookshops turned them down - I thought YOU would buy them".

Further irritated that I was the third place he had visited with this croc of shite I told him that the only place for these was a charity shop.

"Why should I give them to charity? I paid good money for these"

I pointed out that the highest price he had paid was 50p and that he had the benefit of reading them, and suggested that if he didn't want to pass on the benefit of them, he should just throw them away, as there wasn't a bookshop in the country that would buy this sort of book.

He stormed out of the shop, mutterering about how we had wasted his day going round the book shops with them.

Am I being unreasonable in thinking that such people are horrible little cheap, tight, dirty swines, who deserve locking in a room of cash, which is just out of reach of their greedy little clutching hands ?

Bless 'em all....

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