Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Youth of Today

Bless Em....

Three kind souls, who felt that my shop needed a bit of a change, decided to smash the window and do in the bookcase before running off into the night.

Apparently they were young teenagers a little under the Affluence of Inkerhol.

Now I am the last to complain about people canning it a bit on a Friday night - but I'm not convinced they need to break my windows after.

That, however, is not what I am blogging about.

Next day, I had to clean up and get rid of the glass.

And endure EVERY person over 40 in town coming in to complain about young people, about night time in town, to mutter about how they should be strung up, executed etc: By the end of the day, I wanted to go and get drunk and hang out with the kids, break a few windows and tell the old gits to get lost etc etc.

I should be grateful that they are concerned enough to come in and sympathise with me. One day, one of them will actually buy a book and so put something into the "Window Restoration Fund"

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