Thursday, September 20, 2007

So far

It is now 12.30. So far today I have been asked for advice on the following:

1) Can you recommend an internet Cafe
2) Can you tell me whether it is ok for a vegetarian to drink milk, as there may be fatty deposits in it. (Chap thinking of becoming veggie!)
3) I need somewhere to live, can you help me find a flat
4) Who invented the Blitzkrieg ? No book required - just a name
5) Can I borrow an old map - I just want to see if a pond was in Fordingbridge in 1800.

I promise I haven't made any of these up - all this morning too.


Arcarhia said...

You're a regular Ask Jeeves!

Thorn said...

just spent an hour or so reading through the entries, they made me chuckle, and in a sado maschistic way long for the days when I dealt with the public at our local library.

I hope there are more to come