Thursday, July 23, 2009

Description is everything.

I have had to enter into a "Customer Dispute" with Amazon this week. My first ever - it is very exciting.

Having sold a Proof copy of a book to a customer, I got an email from them. They told me that they had ordered a hardback and got a softback copy. It then said that they wanted to know "What I was going to do about it"

Suprised that I would send the wrong book, I checked the description. This was clearly for a softback proof - and even said "I must stress, this book is a softback proof copy - not a hardback" - Fairly clear I thought !

I replied to this effect, and so was suprised when I got a dispute from Amazon. They have told Amazon that the description didn't match the book, and they want to know what I am going to do. They also request compensation as well as a refund in their email.

Pah !!

I have always given refunds for any reason, without quibbling. But on this occassion - for the first time - I have decided to fight my corner. This person is clearly wrong. Why should I lose about £20 in postage and costs to make up for their cock up.

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Griffin said...

If they got the book and it has all the text they want in it... I don't see what they are complaining about. Soft or hard back is irrelevant.

Bite their ankles, that'll teach 'em!