Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The End is Nigh

Well the closure is looming.

In about three weeks, Ellwood Books will be no more - or rather, the shop will close and we shall do all of our work online and at bookfairs.

This doesn't seem to stop people from attempting to sell me absolute rubbish en masse. And I mean this literally.

This week (and it is only tuesday) we have had two kind donations of books - black sackfulls of them.

Sadly - the first turned out to be newspapers and colour supplements. The second was mainly school text books and notepads (the sort of text book where you practice your handwriting etc) of course - they were all filled in.

So effectively, these generous souls, couldn't be bothered to go to the dump with their paper rubbish - and thought they would dump it here instead.

Thanks !

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