Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haggling in the Recession.

It may just be me, and a sense of jaded despondency setting in, but I am sure people are haggling more with the recession.

Yesterday I had a chap in, who on finding a Modern First Edition by Malcolm Bradbury, signed by the author and in mint condition, queried the price. Firstly, he tried to pay £4, telling my assistant that the £40 written inside must be an error with an extra zero.

My stalwart young chap pointed out, that Bradbury doesn't sign masses, and that £40 is very reasonable, particularly when it is currently £20 in our half price sale. He then left a message, asking me what I would really accept, as he felt that £20 is very over-priced.

Pah !! Needless to say, he will not be getting a phone call from my offering a more than 50% discount.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What have I done ?

I have recently been setting up a book auction in Salisbury. I thought it would be good to have a decent, high (ish) end sale - with lots starting at around £50 + (so books of retail value of around £100). Am planning to hold it in the Guildhall - so all very classy and nice.

You would think !

My first promise of lots for the auction has come in. This would be very exciting - except that it has come from a gent who regularly tries to sell me old National Geographic magazines and Reader's Digest condensed volumes - and who will not believe me that neither are saleable.

Do you think he will offer me incunabula ?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Final Thanks

Finally - thank you to the thieving little toe-rag who stole a chequebook from a bag in our private area, and has helped himself to £800 from my account.

Yep - thanks, it makes bills so much easier to deal with when I am £800 poorer.

Fortunately, the police couldn't stop laughing at what a stupid idiot he was, for writing the cheques and paying the money straight into his own bank account.

Mr Darren Streeter, your next court date is on me.

Even More Thanks

To the "gentleman" who on finding a First Edition from the 1930's, with pictorial end papers but missing a blank page before the half title, decided to haggle.

"how much for this book"

"Well sir, it is normally only £6, as it is missing a blank, so in the sale it is £3"

"so how much will you knock off for me because of the blank missing"

"No sir, that is why it is normally £6 rather than £10-15. at the moment it is £3."

"So you won't do it for £2 for me, or give me another book of similar age so that I can remove a blank page and bind it into this one"

I declined. (Then had a row with him a few hours later when he accosted me in a shop in town, to tell me loudly how extortionate my books are).

More Thanks

To the lady who selected a book (having cast lots of others around rummaging car boot style) and when told that it was usually £20, so currently £10 in our half price sale, asked for trade discount, as she is a dealer.

"But madam, trade discount is usually 20%, and we are currently offering 50% off"

Yes, so I expect 20% off the half price".

I politely declined, and asked her what sort of books she deals in.

"Oh I don't touch books, I am a antique jewellery dealer".


Thank You

A big thank you to the kind man who donated a box of "books" to our shop when I wasn't here. It is always nice to be supported and appreciated in our local community. This chap regularly tells me how he has lots of incunabula that he will dispose of one day.

Sadly, this box was entirely composed of free estate agents house details from about 5 years ago, some free NHS leaflets on repeat prescriptions, an empty cake box (crushed) and an empty packet of crisps (crumpled). Yep, many many thanks.