Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Car Wreck

I was reminded of this yesterday - although it happened about a year ago.

Innocently driving home, and about half a mile from the shop, I managed to ram a truck, and although there were no injuries, I managed to write off my car. Friendly canine was on the back seat howling at all the fuss outside. Van driver is not too happy that his truck has a large dent in the side, and the police have arrived to get the street moving again.

In the midst of all this, a man walks up to me with a plastic bag.
"You've save me a trip, I was just on the way to see if you would buy these books"

"Not at the moment, I am a little tied up..."

"Won't you just have a quick look at them"

I shan't type what I said - but he hasn't been into the shop since (And that is no loss !!)

1 comment:

Griffin said...

He's lucky he didn't become part of the wreck. Still, on the bright side, as you say, he hasn't been in since.