Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random violence

Elderly chap in tweed and burgundy cords marches into the shop, walks to the counter and raps his cane on the desk.

"How's business then ?"

"Oh fine - and how much is your pension paying you each week ?"
(One day I will have the nerve to say rather than think it).

"Get yourself a gun or a damn heavy shillaleagh. Its going to get ugly out there. The plebs don't realise how bad things are going to get. They'll be riots. Better prepare yourself"

And marches out.


Griffin said...

Jolly good show! Carry on number one! ... the plebs?!

Given how many nits you get coming in tho' a gun or shillelagh might be useful... or not.

The Ginger Darlings said...

love from a pleb who has some idea. Get tea and biscuits instead, then if you don't get attacked by hoards of starving shareholders demanding second hand books on wild food at least you can have a cuppa!