Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Chap with very pale and pregnant girlfriend come in. Both looking pretty strung out from drugs - Maybe uncharitable - but I can recognize the signs!!!

One of the signs was that he was clutching a very ordinary embroidered cushion, Circa 1980's - value about nil. He was very keen to sell this to me, telling me that it was a valuable and antique cushion worth about £150, but that I could have it for £25.

I pointed out that I was a bookshop, and he smiled and said that it was a Beatrix Potter cat, and that I could have it for £15. Girlfriend just gazed ahead vaguely.

When I politely declined, they wafted off, and were last seen trying to sell the cushion to a passing pedestian in the street.

Does this happen in John Lewis?

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