Friday, December 01, 2006

Ye Beginings

Ok here goes....
(Pauses to dip his antiquarian quill into the inkwell on his ancient and battered desk)
(Pauses to work out how to remove permanent ink from the keyboard)
(Pauses in a vain attempt to think of something worth recording / blogging/ passing on.)

This blog is intended to be a few notes on the things that happen in a second hand bookshop.
Don't be fooled into thinking that bookshops are dull.

Every day is filled with bizarre behaviours and comments, absurd actions, wierd and wonderful people and oddity.

But enough about the staff - the customers are a little strange too.

Hopefully here, I shall record some of the events in my little second hand bookshop.

In order to protect the guilty, and to prevent myself being sued - I shall not generally name names (unless people are so stupid that they REALLY deserve public exposure for their idiocy.)

Suffice it to say, that we are a medium sized antiquarian bookshop in a cathedral town in the south of england. Among the staff are Marc, the shop owner - who thinks he runs the place, little does he know that bookshops all have an existence of their own far removed from the proprietor; Rosie, an elderly collie who snores for most of the day; Two Davids - one young, who wishes he is at football or in bed most of the time - one old, who acts in most of the Am Dram productions locally, and generally hams it up the rest of the time; Lua, the crazy Brasilian, who lived in the poetry room for a while, and now occasionaly works (but often visits); Chris, a very sensible retired Administrator, who brings order into chaos and smiles benevolently as we create chaos out of it again immediately; Holly is our newest recruit, and combines sewing with creating edible orgasms (also known as lemon meringe pies) with tidying up the shop and giggling. Then there is me, Mitch, the Bearded Collie. I'm the one who really runs the place (ask any of the customers!) and I shall be your bloggy doggy host!


Arcarhia said...

LOL, edible orgasms. Love it.

Griffin said...

I think I've eaten one of those... but the edible orgasm I had involved chocolate.