Sunday, December 10, 2006

Damn Communists

What have I done to deserve this week? (Please don't rush to answer this - I'm sure there is some Karmic reason somewhere - I don't really want to know)
Today was the turn of the American Evangelical Christian.
Here I am, sat innocently behind my desk, tapping away on my little computer, when a nonedescript American with about 5 cameras around his neck comes up and asks me where the Bibles are.
I show him to the Christian books, where I have bibles in Greek, Latin, Welsh, a couple of old Apocrypha and of course the Talmud in Hebrew.
He is disappointed that I don't have any modern Bibles, and I explain a bit about the economics of 16th Century Bible good - 20th Century rather common.
He browses for a little while and then appears again at the desk, and begins a fine rant on how I have lots of evil books - but no bibles in English. Here I am expecting the esoteric section to come in for a bashing, but instead he turns on the Karl Marx books, and complains about how Jews and communists are ruining God's world - and how Marx is in fact the Antichrist and the Endtimes are here.
Always nice to have a reasoned intellectual discussion at work.
He didn't buy anything!


silver_flight said...

It happened again?! Bet you had a very potent sense of déjà vu.

Arcarhia said...

Nah he just dredges up the old stuff but there are some of us who have decent memories and read the last blog much to the surprise of Mr Harrison