Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mills & Boon

I have my own little fan club in the bookshop. (Me being Mitch obviously!!!)
Among my keenest fans are the Mills & Boon tribe.
Far too big to be a mere family, this clan consists primarily of a woman and her mother.
But every time they come in they also bring in:
Womans 3 children (and sometimes childrens friends); Eldest childs 2 year old daughter (and sometimes his father too)
Mothers friend (should be called Ethel - but I won't swear to that); Husband occassionaly.
Yes folks - thats between 7 and 12 of them....... It's only a little shop and they are all very loud.....

Anyway, this fine pair order Mills & Boon books to complete their sets. The point of this story (yes there is a point) was a conversation the two women had with me last week. The younger woman is telling me of the joys of the Mighty Quinn's and the Dangerous Darcey's (I shit you not - you couldn't make up these titles.) she is telling me that the romantic stories are not just light reading - they are good fiction.

Mother turns to me conspiriatorialy and comments that she doesn't go in for these silly American and Irish romances - far too lightweight for her. She likes the medical romances - cos at the same time as the story you can learn a lot about medicine and hospitals.

Now what could I say to that?

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Pete said...

Yeah... they should recommend to all medical students training to be uroligists! lol... random! :D