Saturday, December 02, 2006

My restraint is admirable

Woman comes into the shop and tries to sell a plastic bag full of tatty paperbacks.

I politely decline, and say that we don't buy paperbacks and that she had probably best take them to a charity shop.

At this point, she swept them up, and told me that we would do a lot better and probably make more money if we took a leaf out of the charity shops book (please excuse the pun).

I pointed out that we sell our paperbacks for about half the price of those in the charity shops in town, and as they get them free we can't really justify buying them.

She tells me that there are far too many charity shops in town, and that they are all getting far too greedy - after all they get all their stock for nothing, and that I shouldn't compare myself to them, as we are a "Real bookshop".

And she left........


Arcarhia said...

Hmmmm. Right ho then. What particular leaf was it that she was expecting you to take dearest? Take all of their stuff for free and make loads of money to keep the charity directors in their Mercedes?

silver_flight said...

So, her point was...what exactly?